Spain – Trainee

Are you a non-EU citizen wishing to carry out a traineeship in Spain? You can find information below on the conditions to fulfil and procedures to follow, as well as the rights you can enjoy during your stay.

If you are abroad or if you are already in a regular situation in Spain, you will find here information regarding migration conditions for granting a residence permit for trainees.

There are different migratory pathways for trainees in Spain. The main way is the residence permit for trainees under the Directive on Students and Researchers (EU) 2016/801. In case you are not included in its personal scope, you can apply for a visa for trainees (in case of non-remunerated trainees) or for a residence and work permit (in case of remunerated and labour trainees).

Trainees under the Directive on Students and researchers

There are certain conditions that apply to everyone (such as criminal record, sufficient resources and medical insurance).

In addition, the following conditions apply:

  • You have to provide evidence of having obtained a higher education degree within the two years preceding the date of application or of pursuing a course of study that leads to a higher education degree;
  • you have a training agreement with a trainee programme.

If you fulfil the conditions, you will be issued a residence permit.

Where and how to applyYour host entity applies to the Aliens office online.

Documents required

The host entity must enclose with the application the following list of documents:

  • documents regarding the host entity (the legal form and have no debts with the social security or tax agency);
  • a copy of the training agreement;
  • a copy of your passport;
  • your criminal record;
  • proof of having sufficient resources and your medical insurance;
  • The higher education degree obtained within the two years preceding or proof of pursuing your course of study.

All official foreign documents have to been legalised and translated into Spanish.

Further requirements

Once the residence permit is granted, you must:

Duration of validity of permits/visas

The period of validity of the residence permit depends on the duration of your traineeship. The residence permit is valid for no more than 6 months.

Conditions for renewal

The trainee must show that he/she is still fulfilling the conditions originally presented and prove that he/she is following the trainee program successfully.

The renewal application must be presented using the official application form within 60 days before the expiration of the original permit. It must be presented at the Delegación or Subdelegación del Gobierno of the province where he/she lives in Spain. The extension and the initial residence permit can not exceed 1 year of length.


If you or your employer do not meet the conditions, you will not get the residence permit. This decision is given in a written formal decision sent online. You can apply for a review of this decision. Do you disagree? You may appeal to the court.

Change of status

It is possible for a trainee to apply for these other statuses:

  • to residence and work as an employee;
  • to residence and self-employment;
  • to residence with exception to work;
  • to residence and research;
  • to residence and work as a highly-qualified professional.

All the information can be found hereSearch for available translations of the preceding link (in Spanish).

Family members

As the general rule, it is not possible to bring your spouse, (registered) partner or minor child(ren) to Spain.

Long-term residence

Long-term residence is generally granted after five years of continuous and legal residence.

This status enables the holder to reside indefinitely and work in Spain.

More on long-term residence in SpainSearch for available translations of the preceding link (in Spanish)

For this reason, it is not usual to qualify for permanent residence on the basis of a residence permit for work experience as trainee.

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