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Are you a non-EU citizen living in Spain and would you like to bring your non-EU family members to live with you there? You can find information below on the conditions, procedures and rights your family members can enjoy during their stay.

If you hold a residence permit with a duration of at least one year, with the possibility to remain valid for another year, you are entitled to reunite with your family in Spain.

Your family members can include:

  • your spouse (not separated);
  • your and your spouse’s children, both biological and adopted;
  • your family members who are not objectively capable of caring for themselves due to their state of health, and you are their legal representative;
  • and if you are a long-term resident, you and your spouse’s ascendants in the first-degree, ascendants who are dependent on the applicant and older than 65 years, where there are reasons justifying residence in Spain. Exceptionally, ascendants younger than 65, if there are humanitarian reasons for it.

Where to apply

You must first apply for family reunification at the Provincial Aliens Affairs OfficeSearch for available translations of the preceding link.

If your application is successful and you get a residence permit for the purpose of family reunification in Spain, your family members can apply for a residence visa at the Embassy or Consulate in your country of residence.Search for available translations of the preceding link

Documents required

You must prove the family relationship.

If you are reuniting with your spouse, you must prove that you do not live in Spain with another spouse.

You must provide:

  • a copy of their passport;
  • a copy of the residence title;
  • proof of employment or of sufficient financial resources;
  • proof of adequate accommodation; and
  • health insurance.

Duration of validity of permits

The duration of the residence permit granted to your family members is aligned with the duration of your permit:

  • if you hold a temporary residence permit, your family member is granted a permit for a duration that cannot exceed the duration of your permit;
  • if you are a permanent resident, the first resident title granted to your family member will expire on the same date as the expiry date of your Foreigner’s Identification Card. The next residence permit granted shall then be permanent.


Decisions can be challenged by way of an administrative appeal. Do you disagree? You may appeal to the court.

Further information

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Access to employment

Your family members can work in Spain provided they can prove that they have obtained a work permit.

Your spouse and children older than 16 years are allowed to work without applying for a work permit.

Autonomous status

Your spouse and dependent relatives are entitled to obtain an autonomous permit of residence provided they have financial means, one or more work contracts or they fulfil the general conditions to obtain it.

Your children are entitled to obtain an autonomous residence permit when they reach the legal age and they fulfil the general conditions to obtain it.

Your spouse may obtain an autonomous residence permit after five years of residence and children may obtain an autonomous residence permit when they reach adulthood and have spent at least five years in Spain.

Your spouse and children may obtain a work permit without having independent resident status if the proposed work contract is part-time or for the completion of services.

Long-term residence

Long-term residence is generally granted after five years of continuous and legal residence.

This status enables the holder to indefinitely reside and work in Spain.

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