Romania – Seasonal worker

Are you a non-EU citizen wishing to carry out seasonal work in Romania? You can find information below on the conditions, procedures and rights you can enjoy during your stay.

To enter Portugal as a worker for a period of less than a year, you must have a valid Seasonal Work Visa or a Temporary stay visa for seasonal work for a duration of over 90 days (see seasonal worker profile).

For longer periods, you must obtain a residence visa. The residence visa does not automatically grant you a right of residence. Once in Portugal, you must apply for a residence permit.

Where and how to apply

Work authorisation

Your future employer must apply to the General Inspectorate for ImmigrationSearch for available translations of the preceding link for a work authorisation for seasonal work, which will be issued within the quotas fixed by the Government.

The Romanian Immigration Office will verify that there is no qualified Romanian or EU/EEA citizen or a non-EU citizen already holding a permanent stay permit available on the domestic labour market.

Visa for work purposes

Once the work authorisation has been granted, you have 60 days to apply for a visa for work purposes at the embassy in your country of origin or residence.

Temporary residence permit

Upon arrival, you must obtain a temporary residence permit at the General Inspectorate for ImmigrationSearch for available translations of the preceding link.

Documents required

Work authorisation

When applying for the work authorisation, your employer must show:

  • that he/she carries out a legal activity in Romania;
  • the registration certificate at the trade register office, in copy and in original;
  • that he/she does not have debts;
  • the certificate issued by the trade register office, attesting that application of bankruptcy was not operated;
  • the fiscal attestation certificate issued by the public finance administration in whose radius the employer has his/her registered office, regarding the payment of obligations to the state budget on the last quarter;
  • a certificate issued by the Labour Force Agency on the available workforce in the sector;
  • a firm employment offer (copy), in accordance with the provisions of the Labour Code and the collective contract;
  • a job description;
  • recruitment actions and advertisement of the vacancy with the regional employment service;
  • a copy of your CV, two identity photographs and a copy of your travel documents;
  • a statement that the third-country national is medically fit to be employed and has a minimum knowledge of the Romanian language or knows an international language;
  • the recognition studies certificate necessary for the position requested for work permit, issued by the Ministry of Education, Research and Youth, under the conditions provided by the specific legislation, or the diploma of studies issued by accredited institutes in Romania (when applicable);
  • copies of the documents attesting the professional training obtained outside the education system or, as the case may be, attesting professional experience, translated and legalised (when applicable);
  • copies of documents certifying the professional qualifications required for employment, obtained in Romania or in another EU Member State, translated and legalised (if applicable);
  • the authorisation document provided by law, when applicable;
  • the employer’s criminal record;
  • The employer’s certified statement on the accommodation conditions.

To obtain a visa for work purposes, you must show:

  • sufficient means of subsistence for the duration of the validity of your visa;
  • medical insurance;
  • a criminal record;
  • basic knowledge of Romanian.

To obtain a temporary residence permit, you must have:

  • a work contract;
  • a salary at the level of the national average wage;
  • a medical certificate proving work capacity.

Duration of validity of permits

The work authorisation is valid for a maximum of six months within a 12-month period, under an individual labour contract and in a specific seasonal sector.

The residence right is extended for a period equal to the period of the employment contract validity plus 5 days, without exceeding a total duration of stay of 180 days during any period of 365 days as a seasonal worker on the territory of Romania.

Further information

More on working in Romania

UnemploymentIn the event of unemployment, you are not entitled to remain on the Romanian territory to look for work.
Change of employmentAs a seasonal worker, you are admitted to work in Romania for a specific employer and in a specific seasonal sector.
Change of statusYour work authorisation allowing you to carry out seasonal activities cannot be converted to an ordinary temporary work authorisation. You would need to submit a fresh application from outside Romania.

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