Netherlands – Seasonal worker

Are you a non-EU citizen wishing to carry out seasonal work in the Netherlands? You can find information below on the conditions, procedures and rights you can enjoy during your stay.

To work in Spain as an employed worker, you must obtain:

  • a work and residence permit; and
  • a work and residence visa.

The national employment situation will be taken into account when granting the initial residence and work permit. At the same time, several exceptions are provided.

Work permits will be granted if the job falls within the activities listed in the Shortage Occupations List or if the labour market test is passed

Where and how to apply

You apply for the mvv and Single Permit at the same time. This can be done in two ways: your employer applies to the IND in the Netherlands. Or you apply to the Dutch representation in your country of origin or the country of continuous residence.

This application costs € 171 (in 2019).

Documents required

The application form lists the documents that you must enclose with the application. You have to have official foreign documents legalised and translatedSearch for available translations of the preceding link into Dutch, English, French or German.

Duration of validity of permits

The period of validity of your Single Permit depends on the advice of UWV. The Single Permit is valid for a maximum of 24 weeks.

Further requirements

Upon arrival, you must:


If the Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND) has rejected your application, this will be specified in an official letter (= Decision) from the IND. If you do not agree with the decision, you can register an objection to it, or authorise someone in the Netherlands to do so on your behalf. The official letter explains how to start the procedure for this.

In some cases, the IND is not able to reach a decision in time. The IND may be in default. You can then send a written notice of default to the IND.

If after having registered an objection, the IND has stated your objections to be unfounded, it is possible for you to appealSearch for available translations of the preceding link against this decision to the Dutch court.

Further information

More on the admission as a seasonal worker in the Netherlands


Extension of stay

A residence permit for seasonal work is issued for no more than 24 weeks. You can only apply for an extension if the GVVA has been issued with a shorter period of validity. It is not possible to extend the maximum stay of 24 weeks.

Change of status

Has something changed in your situation that influences your residence permit? Please reportSearch for available translations of the preceding link this immediately to the IND. It may mean that the residence permit has to be changedSearch for available translations of the preceding link sooner.


Besides the residence permit you also get an additional document. Your employer receives a copy of the additional document. The residence permit states ‘Arbeid toegestaan conform aanvullend document’ (work permitted according to additional document). The residence document and the additional document allow you to live and work for your employer in the Netherlands. The additional document states for which employer you may work and under which conditions.

Permanent residence

It is not possible to qualify for permanent residenceSearch for available translations of the preceding link on the basis of a residence permit for seasonal labour.

Family reunification

It is not possible to bring your family members to the Netherlands, as seasonal labour is a temporary purpose of stay.

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