Greece – Seasonal worker

Are you a non-EU citizen wishing to carry out seasonal work in Greece? You can find information below on the conditions, procedures and rights you can enjoy during your stay.

Seasonal work in Greece means employment for a maximum of six months per year in a sector in which work is temporary and dependent on the year’s seasons.

Consular authorities issue visas for seasonal employment of the same duration as the employment contract, which cannot exceed six (6) months and grants access to employment exclusively for the specific post and to the specific employer who initiated the invitation procedure for this visa to be issued.

Employment in fisheries

A non-EU citizen who has received approval to enter the country in order to be employed as a fishery worker receives a visa for seasonal employment by the competent consular authorities.  The maximum period for seasonal employment for fishery workers is ten months per year.

The maximum number of admissions for seasonal employment and employment in fisheries is also set according to the invitation procedure for employed workers.

Seasonal employment is generally based on bilateral agreement between Greece and Albania.

Employment in fisheries is governed by the specific provisions included in the bilateral agreement with Egypt.

Where and how to apply


You must apply for a visa at the embassy or consulate in your country of originSearch for available translations of the preceding link.

A decision by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, setting the necessary supporting document, is to be issued due to the new Code for Migration and Social Integration Law 4251/2014 (Government Gazette A’ 80 dated 1 April 2014).

To work in Greece as a seasonal worker, you need an employment visa.

According to the new Migration Code, Greece implements a system of volume of admission of non-EU citizens for the purpose of seasonal work, which is included in a joint ministerial decision issued every two years setting the maximum number of jobs for seasonal employment by Region and specialty jobs. For this decision to be issued, the opinions by the competent bodies (Economic and Social Council of Greece, Greek Manpower Employment Organization, the Regions of the country) with regard to the current employment needs in the Greek territory, are taken into consideration. These needs are defined mainly according to the following criteria: the consultation between the Regional authorities and employer agencies, the interest of national economy, the feasibility of the employment, the labour supply by Greek nationals, citizens of the European Union or legally residing in Greece non-EU nationals per specialty and the percentages of unemployment per section of employment.

On the basis of this maximum number, employers who wish to employ seasonal workers should apply to the Decentralized Administration of their place of residence, submitting also:

  • a € 150 fee for each person to be employed;
  • a declaration for the employment of the persons invited;
  • two copies of the employment contract signed and approved by the Labour Inspectorate mentioning the nature and duration of employment and the remuneration of the employee which can not be lower than the minimum remuneration for unskilled workers;
  • a copy of an Inland Revenue Declaration, where the area and livestock owner is included;
  • a declaration that housing will be offered to the employees invited; and social security deposit equal to two month contribution.

Once the employer’s invitation request is approved, the Decentralised Administration sends an act of approval to the embassy or consulate in your country of origin or residenceSearch for available translations of the preceding link so that you can be granted a visa. This is issued for seasonal employment and its duration can not exceed the duration of employment as this is set in the employment contract. It refers only to the specific employment and employer who invited the employee in question.

Similarly, in case of non-EU citizens invited to work at fisheries, the employer initiating the invitation procedure should also submit:

  • a fee of € 15;
  • a detailed table with personal information of the persons invited; and
  • a certificate by the competent port authority mentioning the register seat, the maximum number of people allowed onboard and the status of the ship.
Documents requiredSee above section.
Duration of validity of permitYou can be seasonally employed in Greece for a maximum period of six months (or eleven months if you are employed in fisheries). If you refuse to leave the country upon expiry of your seasonal employment, you will not be allowed to enter the country in the future for a period of up to five years.
AppealsAppeals against reasoned decisions may be lodged to the administrative court, as well as to the administrative authority that issued the decision originally.
Further informationN/A


Non-EU citizens on a residence permit for seasonal employment enjoy the rights of legal residents with the restrictions stemming from the nature of their residence.

Change of employment

As a seasonal worker, you sign a fixed-term contract with a specific employer for up to six months. During this period you cannot change employer or professional activity. This means that the particular type of visa cannot be modified during its period of validity.

Employees in fisheries falling under the bilateral agreement between Greece and Egypt, and in case they loose their job, it is possible to sing an employment contract with another employee during the time their visa is valid and for the period until this visa expires.
Long-term residenceNot applicable in the case of seasonal workers.



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