Croatia – Seasonal worker

Are you a non-EU citizen wishing to carry out seasonal work in Croatia? You can find information below on the conditions, procedures and rights you can enjoy during your stay.

Foreigners who intend to engage in seasonal work in the Republic of Croatia must regulate their residence and work permit based on the annual quota for the employment of foreign nationals.

Where and how to apply


An application for a residence and work permit may be submitted either by a foreigner or an employer.

The application is submitted to a jurisdictional police administration/station depending on the place of residence/intended residence of a foreigner.

If the application for the residence and work permit is submitted by a foreigner who is obliged to possess a visa to enter the Republic of Croatia, he/she has to submit the relevant application at the diplomatic mission/consular office of the Republic of Croatia.

Documents required

The following documents must be enclosed with the application:

  • copy of the foreigner’s valid travel document;
  • evidence of adequate means of supporting himself/herself,
  • evidence of health insurance;
  • employment contract, or a written certificate of the concluded employment contract, or other relevant contract;
  • evidence of the foreigner’s acquired educational qualifications and skills;
  • evidence of the company’s registration.

Duration of validity of permits

The residence and work permit for the purpose of seasonal work is issued for the maximum time period of 6 months within the period of one year, and must stay outside the Republic of Croatia for at least six months before he may enter the Republic of Croatia again and stay for the purpose of work.

Further requirementsN/A
AppealsAn appeal may be filed against the police administration’s/police station’s decision within 15 days since the day it has been served. A Review Commission decides on the appeal in proceedings conducted in line with the provisions of the Foreigners Act.

Further information


Change of employment


Long-term residence

A stay on the basis of the issued residence and work permit for seasonal work is not calculated in the time needed for granting permanent stay.

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