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Are you a non-EU citizen wishing to come to the EU for short-term business visits or to provide services in the framework of an EU Trade Agreement with a partner country? You can find information below on the conditions, procedures, and your rights.

Admission conditions of the following categories of third-country nationals covered by the trade agreements

Business visitors for establishment purposes (BVEPs)

Short-term business visitors (STBV)

Categories of visa, permits or any similar type of authorisation regarding entry and temporary stay

Short-term visitors can apply for a visa type C (maximum 90 days within a 180-day period). For a list of countries of which its nationals are exempted from visa requirements, please click hereSearch for available translations of the preceding link.

Certain professionals can also apply for a single permitSearch for available translations of the preceding link if they wish to stay more than 90 days:

  • persons employed by a foreign worker participating in a professional training in the framework of a training agreement;
  • specialised technicians sent by their foreign employer for the assembly, maintenance and repair of an installation.

Consult the website of the competent regional authority for more information about these special categories.

Work permit requirements

  • Short-term visitors are exempted from the requirement to obtain a work permit.

Documentation required and conditions to be met

To obtain a visa type C, you need to submit proof related to:

  • the purpose of your travel;
  • your accommodation (or adequate resources to ensure accommodation);
  • adequate resources for stay and return;
  • your intention to leave before the visa expires.

Where and how to file an application

Application fees and indicative processing time

  • To apply for a short stay visa, you need to pay an application fee of EUR 60 (in certain cases reduced to EUR 35). The authorities take a decision within15 days. This processing time may be extended in exceptional circumstances.

The maximum period of stay under each type of authorisation

  • 90 days (within a 180-day period). The short-term visa can be delivered for one or multiple entries.

Conditions for any available extensions or renewal

  • You can extend your visa if you have demonstrated that you cannot leave before your visa expires because of humanitarian reasons or force majeure. You have to submit your application for an extension to the municipality as soon as possible.

Rules regarding accompanying dependents

  • Under certain conditions, it is possible for your dependents to accompany you.

Available review and/or appeal procedures

  • If your application for a visa type C has been rejected by the Immigration Office, you can appeal this decision before the Council for Alien Law Litigation (CALL) within 30 days after you received the decision.

Relevant laws of general application pertaining to the entry and temporary stay of natural persons

  • Regulation N° 810/2009 of the European Parliament and the Council of 13 July 2009 establishing a Community Code on Visas;
  • Regulation N° 2016/399 of the European Parliament and the Council of 9 March 2016 on a Union Code on the rules governing the movement of persons across borders (Schengen Border Code);
  • Law of 15 December 1980 on the access to the territory, residence, establishment and removal of foreign nationals (Immigration Act);
  • Royal Decree of 8 October 1981 on the entry on the territory, residence, settlement and removal of foreign nationals.

Contractual service suppliers (CSSs)

Independent professionals (IPs)

Please see under ‘Conditions’ for all information on International Service Providers.

Please see under ‘Conditions’ for all information on International Service Providers.

Please see under ‘Conditions’ for all information on International Service Providers