Italy – Trainee

Are you a non-EU citizen wishing to carry out a traineeship in Italy? You can find information below on the conditions to fulfil and procedures to follow, as well as the rights you can enjoy during your stay.

You can apply to carry out a traineeship in Italy if you have a higher education degree for no longer than 2 years or if you are pursuing a higher education degree in a non-EU country. You must have a training agreement with a host entity/company in Italy.

If you fulfil the conditions, you will be issued a residence permit for studies. 

Where and how to apply

Entry and stay for the purpose of traineeships require a visa for studies. You may apply if you fulfil one of the following conditions:

  • you are of age and admitted to study in a higher secondary school or higher vocational school, or similar;
  • you are admitted to frequent either a curricular or extra-curricular traineeship. Curricular traineeships take place within a University study plan (license, master’s, Ph.D., etc.) which comprises a formal learning process. Extra-curricular traineeships regard work-study alternation aiming at favouring vocational choices directly linked to the labour market. Whilst the former are virtually unlimited in terms of number, the latter are restricted by three-year quotas provided for by law.

For curricular traineeship, the traineeship must be based on a training convention passed between the sending and hosting training institute and the trainee.

As a potential trainee, for either categories, you must apply for a student visa at the diplomatic representations in your country of residence. In case of successful application, you will be issued a student visa within 90 days. Upon arrival, your presence will have to be declared at the competent Police Headquarters to retrieve your residence permit. As a general rule, visas to enter Italian territory (excluding Uniform Schengen Visas) cost €116. As for residence permits, their cost is: €40 for stays between 3 and 12 months; €50 for stays between 12 to 24 months; and €100 for long-term residence permits. In addition, administrative costs amount to €30 for the sending of the postal kit; €16 for the tax stamp; and €30.46 for issuance costs.

Documents required

Documents required include:

  • a visa form duly completed;
  • a valid travel document;
  • demonstration of sufficient economic means for the time to be spent in the territory;
  • a declaration regarding accommodation (which is part of the training convention in the case of curricular traineeships);
  • health insurance details;
  • documentation relating to the traineeship itself.
Duration of validity of permits/visasThe residence permit granted shall cover the duration of the training.
AppealsDecisions relating to visas and residence permits can be challenged before the Regional Administrative Tribunal within 60 days of notification.

During your stay, in addition to carrying out the training or study internship, you will be entitled to exercise your rights as a resident third-country national, in particular, you will have access to the national health system.

Change of status

The residence permit you were given can be converted in a work residence permit, provided your age allows you to work in Italy and you can ascertain the existence of a work contract. Conversion shall be requested before the expiration of your student visa.

Family members

If you hold a study residence permit of at least one year, you can apply for family reunification if you can prove that you have the necessary income and accommodation requirements, according to the current legislation.

Long-term residence

If you have a residence permit for study or vocational training, the law does not allow you to obtain directly a long-term residence permit. However, you can obtain a work permit through the conversion, and the period spent in Italy with the study residence permit is considered for obtaining the long-term residence permit (5 years of residence) and the citizenship (10 years of residence).



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